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Lauren Cernek...

After having c-section with my first baby due to breech presentation, I was determined to have a successful vbac with my second. I had never had chiropractic care before, but after my primary care provider suggested it and listed discover family chiropractic as a suggestion, I decided to give it a try and gave them a call. The first time I called, I spoke with Dr. Kim, and she was so helpful and friendly in answering all of my questions. At my first visit, she explained everything she would be doing and helped me to feel comfortable. Throughout my pregnancy I noticed that the care I received from Dr. Kim definitely helped alleviate back pain, and I also experienced much less round ligament pain. Dr. Kim was also so helpful in giving me advice and suggestions for my overall health, and even gave me tips for dealing with colds/teething with my daughter. She is a great listener, and never acts like she is in a rush. I love that the office is so kid friendly, as I had to bring my toddler with me a couple of times and it was never a problem. My baby was able to get into and stay in the head down position for the entire second half of my pregnancy, and I believe this is thanks to Dr. Kim and her work! I was able to have my successful vbac, and I truly believe Dr. Kim played a huge part in that. I highly recommend her!

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Angie Bobzien...

Discover Family Chiro is one of my favorite local businesses. Dr Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive with your needs and those of your family. My daughters have benefitted greatly from treatments as infants for plagiocephaly and ear infections. I cannot say enough about this... There are structural issues that can occur with little ones that cannot be remedied, long-term, with typical medical treatments and antibiotics. Dr Melissa was an enormous blessing for our family. I am always able to get an appointment when needed. Pregnancy proved another useful time for regular trips to Dr Melissa--making me much more comfortable with adjustments to my hips and prep for a V-bac.

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